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Dish Rentals for Outdoor Parties

It's Outdoor Party Season! Enjoy Beautiful Break-Resistant Dishes.

The great outdoors are great... for everything except vintage china dishes! The fresh air does a body good, the beauty soothes the soul, and the concrete breaks dropped vintage china 100% of the time. Never fear, we have the perfect solution - forget paper plates & "high end" disposables, skip the melamine, and use real plates. Our collection of break-resistant, colorful, mix & match coordinating Corelle® plates, cups & saucers offer the best of both worlds - beauty & practicality, upscale functionality, environmentally friendly, and chemical-free.

You may remember Corelle® dishes from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. They were pretty blah with simple, single color patterns. They eventually moved from harvest gold or avocado green to more pastel colors, but they remained true to their mission of utilitarian chip-resistant, break-resistant dinnerware. Thankfully, Corelle® has evolved with the times and they now offer more modern patterns!

How Our Customers are Using Our Outdoor Partyware Rentals

We're seeing a lot of interest in this collection as many get-togethers move to the outdoors to comply with current event requirements or to ensure the comfort of guests. These dishes are being incorporated into milestone celebrations in the backyard - birthdays, anniversaries, showers, engagement parties, as well as adorable garden tea parties. We love pairing these dishes with our mismatched stainless steel flatware, but they also go great with our gold colored and our silver plate flatware sets.

  • Dinner Plates (10.25")

  • Lunch or Salad Plates (8.5")

  • Appetizer or Dessert Plates (6.75")

  • Teacups & Saucers


The Vintage Dish - Timely Tableware

The Vintage Dish - Timely Tableware offers an eclectic collection of vintage, mid century modern, and outdoor dish rentals in the Central Florida and Savannah, Georgia areas. Our vintage china collection spans the early 1930s and 40s through the 1990s. Dish rentals are an ideal option for beautiful, festive tables at your celebration or milestone event. Request a free dish rental quote for your next get-together!


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