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Mid Century Modern Themed Cocktail Party

The Vintage Dish was so excited to partner with Chef Bob Aungst and Grander Rum to throw a retro, MCM cocktail party! The party package was a silent auction item at Make-Wish-Foundation's 2018 Wish Markers Ball. Every detail was handcrafted to perfectly represent the 1960s, including a menu straight from Betty Draper's book of entertaining!

Mid Century Modern Cocktail Party

Cocktails were created by Grander Rum, featuring their premium versions of rum, which is not your ordinary rum, by the way! A unique spirit, designed to be more like a bourbon or whiskey and nothing like a fruity coconut drink on the beach.


  • Knickerbocker with Raspberry Syrup, Grander Dry Orange Curacao + Squeeze of Lime

  • Central American Penicillin with Middled Ginger, Honey Syrup, Squeeze of Lemon + Spritz of Noble Coyote

  • Bone Broth Old Fashioned with Grander 12 Year, Touch of Bone Broth + Simple Bitters

  • Via Con Dios with Cold Brew Coffee, Honey Syrup, Fernet Branca, Mint, Coconut Foam + Nutmeg

  • Grander Rum 12 Year, 8 Year, 8 Year Single Barrel: neat, on the rocks



Chef Bob Aungst, owner & executive chef of Rocks, Sticks & Hell took MCM comfort food favorites and updated them with retro-modern twists for this special menu.

  • FIRST COURSE: Spicy Shrimp Cocktail Deviled Eggs >> the marriage of two MCM favorites

  • SECOND COURSE: Roasted Tomato + Red Bell Pepper Soup Shooters w/ a 4-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Wedge

  • THIRD COURSE: Shepherd's Pie in Puff Pastry Canoes + Tuna Noodle Casserole

  • FORTH COURSE: Individual Exotic Fruit Ambrosias



The Mid Century Modern dishware was provided by The Vintage Dish's MCM rental collection. This is the only MCM collection available for rent in Central Florida, and has been curated to accurately represent the era between 1933 and 1975, with a focus on the late 1950s and early 1960s. Included in the collection are martini sets with glasses and pitchers, coupes, cocktail glasses, china plates, and barware. Most of the collection is authentic and from the era. Some pieces are reproduction items, included for their durability.


The Vintage Dish - Timely Tableware

The Vintage Dish - Timely Tableware offers an eclectic collection of vintage, mid century modern, and outdoor dish rentals in the Central Florida and Savannah, Georgia areas. Our vintage china collection spans the early 1930s and 40s through the 1990s. Dish rentals are an ideal option for beautiful, festive tables at your celebration or milestone event. Request a free dish rental quote for your next get-together!


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