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Hottest Wedding Trends of 2017

We are loving that brides are embracing all things vintage this year, and the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon! We've rounded up some of our favorite wedding trends, sure to make your big day even more special.

1. Metallics - what's a sparkly affair without the actual sparkle?! Rose gold is hot right now, and it looks great with vintage, mismatched china. It's just the right amount of feminine color, mixed with a heavy dose of class. We love incorporating metallics into the table decor because it looks so perfect in the soft glow of romantic lighting.

The metallics are even spilling onto the linens. There are so many choices now for tablecloths and napkins that are so much more exciting than basic white, cream or black. It's really easy to add glitz and glamour through metallic or textured linens.

2. Romantic Colors - 50 shades of love, and counting! We're seeing a wide range of color palettes, from pastel watercolors, to fun and bold color pops. The beauty of the "anything goes" color trend is that there is china and colored glassware that works with all palettes - brides are only limited by their imaginations.

Hot Wedding Trends - Vintage China Rentals

Photo Credit: Heidi Mitchell Photography

3. Fun Foods, Presented in Fun Ways - donuts in champagne coups? Why not! There are no rules that say coups and flutes can only be used for champagne, or that teacups are only for tea. Presentation is everything, so why not take the opportunity to make it fun and interesting. Guests love the uniqueness, and it's a real conversation starter, which leads us to our next favorite trend of 2017 weddings...

4. Engaging the Guests - weddings are full on entertainment productions. Whether it's a small, intimate affair, or a large gathering of everyone in your rolodex, it's important that everyone feels included. It's expensive to throw a wedding, but it's also expensive for guests to partake in the festivities as well. Make it worth their while with engaging ice breakers. Mismatched china is a great way to get people talking - when no two place settings are alike, there's lots to visually take in, and it's easy to make small talk around the differences in each plate.

Consider other table pieces that can create dialogue and interactivity as well... place cards that double as a trivia game, featuring fun facts about the happy couple, or vintage jewelry added to napkins or napkin rings, and encouraging guests to find the pieces that match theirs.


The Vintage Dish - Timely Tableware is a vintage china, stemware, flatware and table decor rental business located in central Florida. We serve the Orlando, Tampa, St. Augustine and Savannah, Georgia markets. The collection includes 200 full place settings, as well as central Florida's only collection of Mid Century Modern china, barware and decor rentals. Our dishes are more than just plates - they are a time machine that transports guests to yesteryear. China represents the happiest of times from a bygone era, when everyone gathered around grandmother's table for special occasions, and the "good dishes" were brought out. Let us help make your celebration extra special with dishes that will take your guests back to their favorite memories.

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